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GAC is committed to deliver quick, secure and reliable criminal checks to business organization and individuals across Canada. Our team of professionals has immense practical experience and knowledge of the industry; we are the best choice when reliability, trust and results matter. 

We understand that hiring the right employees’ is essential to the success of a company, especially for positions where security, safety and responsibility are vital. Our fast turnaround time and lower fee can save time and money in making more informed hiring decisions – we make it easy and stress free!  

Benefits Of Choosing GAC 

- Secure and reliable services
- Experienced and Trusted
- Result in 1 business day
- Fast turnaround time
- Low fee
- Password protected delivery
- Professional & easy to read reports
- Canadian government certified secure facility
- Scalable
- Nationwide services
- Compliance with all Canadian federal, provincial and municipal privacy laws
- Canadian owned & operated 

Benefits of Performing Criminal Record Checks on Employees                                                                                                                                                                     

- Effective predictor of future performances
- Easily identify applicant prone and/or unacceptable behaviors
- Reduce the risk of negligent hiring litigation
- Reduce work place violence
- Reduce turnover & hiring cost
- Fast recruiting