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FBI fingerprints

Quick Facts


Destroy Fingerprints after 90 days


Maintains more than 600,000 criminal records annually


230,000 civil clearance fingerprints requests are received annually


Processes over 130 million transactions per year


Over 12 million transactions per year

About GAC

GAC Screening Solutions is a division of Global Avenues Consulting Inc(GAC). GAC is Accredited by the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS), a branch of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to provide Fingerprint Based Criminal History Checks. GAC is authorized to capture and submit Livescan Digital Fingerprints directly to the RCMP database 

Why Fingerprinting?

Over the last decade, the issue of security has increased in importance. The demand for Digital Fingerprinting has multiplied in the travel, real estate, immigration and employment sectors. GAC Screening Solutions provides cost effective custom screening solutions for your personal and business needs. We ensure fast and accurate results.